My Life After Corporate America


I’m officially 3 business days removed from my corporate job and I am excited to fill you in on how things have been going.

I must admit this week has been met with a wide range of feelings and emotions. I’ve gone from feeling excited to nervous, happy to scared and driven to worried in just a matter of days. I absolutely do not regret making the decision to leave but it has hit me that my future is in my hands and as empowering as that feels it can also be a little nerve- racking.

Nevertheless, I am committed to making entrepreneurship work for me because crawling back to an office cubicle is NOT an option. The feelings that come up even thinking of that outcome produce much more pain than the thought of having to make it on my own.

That’s really what making major life choices is all about; measuring pain versus pleasure. When faced with a life- changing decision you have to ask yourself, “Does the pain of staying in my current situation outweigh the potential pain I might feel if I choose something else?” It’s not a simple pros vs. cons conversation. You really have to get into the feeling of each choice. For me, leaving my job was the obvious decision to make for myself and my future.



Anyways, now to the fun stuff…

Monday served as my self- care day because I felt so ragged from pushing through to the last day of my corporate job. Self- care is something important that I would like to incorporate into each week to some extent, now that I have the freedom to design my own schedule.

I allowed myself to sleep in, which is something I haven’t done in a while. It felt so luxurious to be allowed to sleep until I desired to wake up, especially on a Monday. After taking my time getting ready I went to Nordstrom to get some new dresses since I am moving to Arizona in nearly a week and am lacking in the summer clothes department. I’ll be posting soon about what I got so stay tuned!

After my short shopping trip I met up with my sister for a relaxing lunch at Panera. It was so nice to be able to take my time eating lunch and having good conversation. I didn’t feel rushed to get back to my soul- sucking office, ahh freedom!

Lunch was followed by an hour- long facial at Massage Envy, compliments of a giveaway I won on Sarah Hartley’s blog. Talk about luxurious! I hadn’t experienced a facial in years so this was a very welcome change.

Yesterday, it was awesome to get the chance to work from the office of my choosing. I decided to go to Barnes & Noble for a little bit, which was a far cry from my old working quarters.

This pretty much sums up what the past few days have been like for me. Tomorrow, I leave for a trip to the Bahamas with my boyfriend and his sister & brother- in- law. I am going to take that time to relax further and get into the mindset necessary to conquer the world when I get back.

FYI I’d love for you to follow me on Instagram where I will be documenting my journey from corporate escape to dream lifestyle! My name is @gabrielle_bogan and I will be using the hashtag #lifeaftercorporateAmerica :)

What emotions do you think you’d feel if you left your corporate job tomorrow?

Want To Be A VIP?


If you’ve been following me lately you know that Friday is the last day at my corporate job (WOOOOO!)

Last week, I talked a bit about some things I am super excited for when I am able to start officially working from home. To celebrate my upcoming release into the solopreneur world I wanted to give you all a sneak peek into what I have in the works for the next few months.

Before I get into it I want you to know that by signing up for my email list you can gain VIP access + sneak peeks to all my latest programs and offerings because things are about to amp up now that my creative energy will be unleashed!

As you may already know I have been offering virtual assisting services to women solopreneurs since June. This business started off as something I was doing to make a few extra bucks, but it has since turned into a bigger venture. One of my biggest passions in life is helping others realize that they can live their dream lifestyle. Doing this involves truly dedicating your time to what really matters. If you already own a business you may want to consider what areas are draining your precious time + mindpower. Then, you can outsource those tasks to a virtual assistant like me!

Aside from my virtual assisting business I have also started to build my coaching business. Coaching is something I have been wanting to do for a long time, but it wasn’t until this month that I was able to define further who I wanted to work with. One day it just hit me like a ton of bricks! I should coach girls who want to kiss their corporate gigs goodbye for good just like I’m doing — duh!

So, stay tuned because I will soon be launching an awesome digital program for girls looking to build their passion- based business while still working a 9 to 5. In addition, I will be hosting a virtual website launch party to celebrate my newly designed site that I made all by myself!

You will not want to miss either of these events so please make sure to subscribe to my list so you can stay up date :)


T- 1.5 Weeks Til My Escape!


Okay literally girls I am counting down the seconds until I get to escape the jail cell that is Corporate America. I typically am one to preach showing gratitude for where you are in your journey, but I am so ready to take the next step that I might burst with anticipation!


Today is just one of those days, ya know? One that makes me feel soul-less. One where I could literally throw my computer mouse across the room with angst, while falling asleep in the process. I just want OUT!

In honor of my impending departure from this aesthetically disgusting office I thought I’d make a list of things I can’t wait to enjoy when I leave the corporate world for good. Because even though I feel quite negative toward my current situation; I know it is almost over and I choose to feel good about my very close future!

So, here it goes:

1) Wearing yoga pants + leggings instead of tight pencil skirts!

2) Getting to do work wherever I please. My living room, the Starbucks down the street, by the pool, at the library and the list goes on… I will never again be chained to a desk that allows me no freedom of space.

3) Being able to spend time on what matters to me and being able to treat myself like my business’ #1 asset because I AM!

4) Choosing to work when I damn please and making more money than I do currently. Fridays off? Hell yes!

5) Getting to exercise my creative freedom and energy. I’m telling you, once this mind gets to working it is going to think up some awesome things! You’ll want to be on my email list to stay updated on all things life by design. Sign up here!

6) Only having to answer the phone when I want to.

7) Being responsible for the income I bring in and being able to contribute in ways I never have before.

8) Getting to listen to my EDM tunes while doing work. Woo!

9) Not feeling like I have to minimize my screen and pretend I’m doing work that I am not.

10) Getting to travel whenever I want!!!


That list could probably span multiple pages but I thought I would keep it short + sweet. I’m super curious though…

If you were to finally be able to escape your corporate cube what would you be most excited about?