When Did YOU Stop Dreaming?


When I was 12 years old I was already very future focused. I knew where I wanted to go to college and what I wanted to study. I knew I wanted to own my own business someday. I had BIG dreams and I was intent on making them a reality.

I was a great student and worked really hard towards the goals I had for myself. Then one day I took my first step down the wrong path that led me to believe for nearly 15 years that my dreams were a thing of the past. You see, throughout my high school years I was more focused on becoming well- liked then on what truly mattered. I was more intent on being the cheerleader and making my way into the “popular” crowd. I craved to be wanted in every way possible and this desire soon manifested into very dangerous behaviors.

Soon, I was hanging out with the wrong crowd. The kind of people that didn’t care about their futures. I was too scared to be who I truly was because at some point I made the choice to believe that my dreams didn’t matter. To this day I don’t know how or why I made that decision, but there’s no point focusing on the past.

What does matter is the fact that even after indulging in all sorts of negative behaviors I was able to realize once again that I deserve to make my BIG dreams a reality. You see, it is up to us to make the choice to believe in ourselves. There are always going to be people out there who try to tear us down because they’re too afraid of our dreams. They project onto us their fears and negative emotions because they could never fathom achieving the level of success that we crave.

But, if there’s one piece of advice I could give you it would be this…

Don’t ever let another soul take your dreams away. Only you know what is possible for yourself. Do not allow your future to suffer just because someone is afraid that you’ll fail. Because the truth is that failing while trying to reach your goals far outweighs never taking the first step.



So, I’m dying to know, what are your BIG dreams? Like your really crazy goals? How did you envision your future being as a child?


When did YOU stop dreaming?

Escape Your Negative Energy Bubble In Minutes!

Positive Energy

Yesterday I woke up with this impending sense of worry. Even though I was able to smile as my boyfriend rolled over to cuddle me I couldn’t help but feel this negative energy bubble growing inside my brain.

During this past month I’ve set a pretty large goal for myself with intentions to propel my life forward into what I’ve always dreamed it could be. That goal is to save $5000 by August 14th so I can work on growing my business full- time. I started out fully believing that achieving this goal was possible for me. Yet, as I near closer and closer to my goal’s deadline those feelings of angst and doubt grow bigger.

There’s a loud voice inside my mind that literally starts freaking out and I wonder what the heck I was thinking. That nasty echoing in my head laughs at me and barks out things like “Are you serious Gabby? Do you really think that YOU can accomplish something that far-fetched?” OR “Why don’t you give up and just be happy with the comfortable life you are living right now?”

It has taken a LONG time to be able to distinguish this voice and to get to a place where I can not only diffuse its bash talk, but turn it into positive, creative action. I am still tweaking this process as I go but I can tell that I’m becoming much more resilient when negative thoughts try to hold me back. And, quite frankly, I refuse to let my monkey brain win!

Here’s an example of what I do to go from a place of consuming negative energy to a space of endless possibilities:

I first clear my mind of that disgusting gunk also known as undesirable thoughts.

I’ve started doing this by allowing myself to write down every bullshit thought I’m having without any restrictions in my journal. Writing in a journal as therapy has always been something that I’ve been skeptical about because I thought it would just keep me in that negative state of being, but I’ve recently found this not to be true. Being able to write down whatever comes to mind without inhibition literally allows me to cleanse my mind of anything that doesn’t serve it. It’s so liberating!

As I journal I write a statement of action that I will take so I don’t allow myself to fall victim to my negative thoughts.

This is not able blaming yourself for thinking undesirably but rather committing to thoughts & actions that better serve you. I say something along the lines of, “Instead of continuing to fall captive to that voice I am going to…”

Now the next part is fun because you get to choose how you will go about making yourself feel good again.

Lately, I’ve been blessed to have received an abundance of resources that can easily get me to a better state of mind.

I am part of a life coach training program which doubles as a huge support system where I have several opportunities each week to get advice unique to my situation. I’m also lucky enough to have attracted my amazing boyfriend who believes in me more than I do at times. Lastly, I work with a money mindset coach who has been my own personal cheerleader since I began the journey towards living my dream lifestyle.

When making big life changes, no matter how much you believe you can do on your own, it’s almost mandatory to have a good support system.

Trust me, I always thought I could make it on my own without anyone’s help. But that is not reality. You need others who believe in you on your side at all times because they will lift you up before you fall down.

In addition to my fabulous support system I have gotten deeper into meditation and EFT. My money mindset coach has turned me on to some awesome YouTube videos that I can listen to right at my desk at work. They’ve greatly transformed my mind already.

Once I have an idea of how I can make myself feel better,

I commit to taking inspired action towards the goal that’s got me worried.

Yesterday I took my fear, said “watch me reach my goal!” and ended up gaining interest from 5 potential virtual assisting clients. Possessing positive energy, believing in yourself and inspired action are surefire ways to accomplish any goal you set for yourself. I cannot wait to reach mine!

If you believed that anything was possible, what BIG goal would you set for yourself for the next month?

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Why Do We Self- Sabotage?


Do you ever get so scared of losing something great in your life that you subconsciously try to sabotage it? I have and quite frankly it’s something I’ve been doing my entire life. Truth be told I have never allowed myself to really enjoy what I have. I have always had “grass is greener” syndrome. When I was in high school I couldn’t wait until college so I could be on my own.

When I went away to college I just wanted to come home. When I moved back home after college I wanted to live downtown so bad. Now that I live downtown I want to live on the beach. Are we ever happy with what we have?


I don’t know about you but I am sick of not appreciating the amazing life I lead. It’s way too easy to compare myself to other people seeing the lives they are living and thinking I don’t measure up. Sound familiar?

I’ve manifested literally everything on my vision board. The love of my life, the chic downtown apartment and the bridge job that’s lifting me to financial freedom, yet deep down I can’t enjoy it because I am constantly afraid it’s not enough or that it will disappear into thin air. Can life really be good? Are we all truly meant to be happy?


Today I am choosing to say YES to both questions. I’m done with thinking I don’t deserve what I have because of past faults. I am finished with denying myself of enjoying what life has provided me with. I am definitely through with comparing myself to others because you know what? They aren’t me and I am damn happy about that. I am taking a stand today and making the decision to be myself. Whoever that person is. I am choosing to feel how I desire to feel no matter how uncomfortable it makes someone else. If I want to be happy about doing things that most people hate doing then I am going to be happy. If I want to laugh until I can’t breathe that’s right I’m going to laugh. And, if I want to cry because of all the past hurt that I could never express is pent up inside then you guessed it; I am going to cry.

We only live one life and I refuse to spend one more day wasting it on negative thoughts. Today I am going to be appreciate what I have and believe that it’s not going anywhere.

Are you with me?

Sometimes we can get ourselves stuck in comfort bubbles that make us think that it’s “hard” to get to where we want to be in life. These voices are a crock of you know what and I’m here to tell you that you can have any life you desire. That’s why I am giving away my FREE “Discover Your Dream Lifestyle” worksheet, which includes the very same exercises I used to start guiding me towards my dream life. Download it now!